• Understanding Office 365 Groups
    When Microsoft Teams was announced at the beginning of November 2016, I posted an article that attempted to explain the different social networking products available from Microsoft and the advantages/disadvantages of each. Since then, it has become apparent to me that there continues to be a lack of understanding about ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-12-05By John White
  • Completing the Microsoft Reporting Roadmap
    In the recent announcement outlining the SharePoint integration strategy on the SQL Server Reporting Services Team’s blog, there was a statement that was almost hidden that I think deserves more attention. The statement was: “….in time, we aim to support web-based viewing of Excel workbooks in Native mode…” This may not sound ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-11-18By John White
  • The Future of Report Integration with SharePoint
    Yesterday, Microsoft made official what many, including myself had been suspecting ever since the release of SQL Server 2016 – that SQL Server Reporting Services Integrated mode would not exist in the future. With the announcement, we now know the timeline of when that will happen. SSRS Integrated Mode will ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-11-18By John White
  • With Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups Can Now Have Multiple Planner Plans
    Microsoft Planner went into general availability in June of 2016. It allows basic project and task management for organizational teams. Like most products in the Office 365 suite, Planner makes extensive use of Office 365 Groups, which provides membership services through Azure Active Directory, and Storage through SharePoint. Creating a ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-11-10By John White
  • Microsoft Teams and the New Microsoft Social Landscape
    Today, Microsoft debuted Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams allows teams of people to quickly get together to collaborate in real time. If you’re keeping count, this represents Microsoft third tool in the Social Computing space. Why would Microsoft want to introduce yet another social computing tool? They already have Yammer, Skype ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-11-02By John White
  • How to Migrate a WordPress site to Azure Using In-App MySQL
    Did this site load a little faster than it normally does? You may not have a basis of comparison, but I have noticed that pages load between 2x and 5x faster since I moved the site to Azure hosted WordPress using an In-App MySQL database. Previously I was running it ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-10-25By John White
  • SharePoint and Power BI – Better Together
    Ever since 2007, SharePoint has included Business Intelligence amongst its core workloads. There have been a variety of approaches to the workload over the years, but today those core workloads include Excel Services/Excel Online, PerformancePoint, SQL Server Reporting Services Integrated Mode, and Power Pivot for SharePoint. Power Pivot for ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-09-30By John White
  • Microsoft Re-Adopts Yammer as a first class citizen
    “The reports of Yammer’s death are greatly exaggerated” Ignite Attendee Shortly after Microsoft purchased Yammer in the summer of 2012, it was all that the Office division could talk about. Yammer was to replace the conversation feed in SharePoint, the entire development team would adopt the quick shipping Yammer ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-09-28By John White
  • A Simplified Method of Working with SharePoint Data in Power BI
    Although I typically advise against it, there are valid reasons to report on SharePoint list data directly. Power BI Desktop makes this data quite easy to access – you can use the built in connectors for SharePoint or SharePoint Online, or, due to the fact that any SharePoint list is ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-07-06By John White
  • How to Enable Unlimited Storage in OneDrive for Business
    Last December, it was announced that OneDrive for Business users would indeed be receiving unlimited storage if they had a qualifying subscription. (Details on which subscriptions qualify for unlimited storage can be found in the original announcement here). Furthermore, I understood from the announcement and the coverage around it that ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-05-17By John White
  • SQL Server 2016–Which Edition Do You Need for Business Intelligence?
    For the past several releases, SQL Server has come in 6 possible editions. Developer, Express, Web, Standard, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise. Developer, Express and Web are for specific workloads, which leaves Standard, BI, and Enterprise. The choice of which edition to use would seem to be obvious – the one ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-05-06By John White
  • The State of Analytics in SharePoint and Office 365
    After adoption of SharePoint or Office 365, one of the first things an organization will look for is some understanding as to how the product is being adopted, and what its impact on resource allocation is. Historically, options for reporting on SharePoint have been limited at best. The Web Analytics ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-05-04By John White
  • SharePoint 2016 Team SItes and Groups – It All Comes Together
    SharePoint is back. With a vengeance. For the past few years, SharePoint has been relegated to a supporting role within Office 365. It even lost its identity a few years back, with the name “SharePoint” being replaced by the bland “Sites”. This has been exacerbated recently by the rise of ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-05-04By John White
  • Integrating Microsoft Flow with Power BI for Real Time Reporting
    In addition to all of the obvious business benefits that Microsoft flow brings to the table, one of the things that initially struck me about it was how useful it would be for data acquisition purposes. The first thing that I did with it was to create a flow that ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-05-02By John White
  • Power BI Analyze in Excel – The beginning of a beautiful thing?
    One of the announcements made at the Microsoft Data Summit in this past March 2016 was the availability of Analyze in Excel. This feature allows an Excel workbook to connect to a data model that is stored in the Power BI service, and to use it to analyze the data ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2016-04-08By John White