About Us

We are a data & business intelligence company formed in 2006 with the vision to help Business drive Business Intelligence.

Driving Value and Finding Insights

We help your business by delivering solutions that drive value and assist you in finding those key insights that make a difference.

Dedicated Professionals

We are a dedicated group of professionals with expertise in business intelligence, structured and unstructured data, application development and social business. We have deep knowledge in SharePoint, SQL, Yammer and the emerging Power BI product portfolio.

Certified Microsoft Partner

We are a Gold certified Microsoft Partner with a nine year history of solving the most difficult and challenging problems.

We Create Innovative Software

Not only do we provide high quality services and consulting, we also create software using our UVI Lean methodology which includes bringing our customers along with us as part of the product development journey.


tyGraph Analytics for Yammer!

We have added a hosted option to our popular tyGraph Analytics for Yammer solution. Now you have a choice between leveraging your own private cloud or leveraging our infrastructure. You can try tyGraph for free for 15 days. To get started go to our tyGraph website and click on "Try tyGraph"