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Separating the signal from the noise!

tyGraph provides meaningful and actionable insights into the corpus of your Office365 data. We extend what is available out of the box by providing a fully managed data warehouse, feature rich reporting and a PowerBI interface to drive insight from your analytics. Imagine the ability to slice your data by more dimensions like role, geographic region or even organizational hierarchy. Let us show you how to drive value from your data.

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Looking for PowerBI Expertise?

Working with the PowerBI engineering team well before launch has provided us with the opportunity to skill-up on all facets of PowerBI. We've taken our combined knowledge together with a Microsoft ready course curriculum to provide in-depth training that is second to none.

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Transitioning to the cloud?

Deep domain expertise in SharePoint and SharePoint On-line allows us to help customers navigate the transition from on premises farms to hybrid cloud and pure cloud solutions. Having developed software solutions for Office365, we understand both the infrastructure and user experience components of this frontier environment.

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Automatically generate SharePoint sites at scale!

Created for academic institutions, Our SyncO365 engine harvests data from student information systems and creates Office365 SharePoint artifacts such as site collections, sites, document libraries, lists, groups, permissions for the purpose of generating classroom repositories for students and teachers to safely author content.

Turning Customers Into Heroes Through Project Success

We start every conversation the same way: "Ignore all of the technology for a minute, what business problem are you trying to solve"? Then we focus relentlessly on problem/solution fit. This simple approach coupled with our Lean methodology drives value and minimizes waste. We charge premium rates and our customers get premium results, often at less overall cost compared to other approaches.

I use tyGraph for actionable accurate analytics.

Lee Schubert -Dimension Data

Navigant was one of the early-adopters of the tyGraph analytics tool. We had previously used a couple other third-party vendors, but none were able to provide the depth and flexibility of tyGraph. Beyond the deliverable – the customer service and genuine interest in the customer is bar none. As long as we are using Yammer, we will be using tyGraph!

Rebecca Bruner -Navigant

I had a meeting with my CMO about our External Network (Community) hosted on Yammer for our customers, and these questions were definitely part of my preparation. And I wouldn't have any good answers if I didn't have the analytics to back me up. Thank goodness for tyGraph to help me show, not just tell, the value of my network.

Becky Benishek -Crisis Prevention